Association Parta'Jeu

Parta'jeu was created on 11 May 2022 and is composed of over 30 members, all of whom are passionate about puzzles or motivated by the project. It was created with the aim of promoting games, an intergenerational activity that is a source of well-being and helps to develop cognitive abilities, socialisation and personal fulfilment.

Our goals:

  • To create and promote an intergenerational and social link around an activity

  • Raise funds to equip specialised institutions

  • To promote the benefits of the puzzle

  • To raise awareness of our region at national and international level

The association wants to buy equipment that will promote well-being, in particular to support the development of cognitive abilities, socialisation and the fulfilment of staff in EHPAD-type establishments.

Why the jigsaw puzzle?

The puzzle has more virtues than it seems... Ideal for relaxing, this game stimulates our intellectual faculties.

Underneath its timeless appearance, this game of patience embodies a form of resistance to screens! During the confinement, sales have exploded. The puzzles vary in theme and number of pieces, by the hundreds and even thousands.

The jigsaw puzzle appeals to all generations. It can be played alone, to relax, or with others to have fun with the family or to share a fun and educational activity with children from the age of 2 or 3.

The practice of puzzle is international, the resolution of puzzle allows to work several cerebral, visual and spatial competences: perception, capacity, working memory, speed, reasoning and mental rotation which is exercised when the player seeks in which direction he must put the piece.

Puzzle addicts will tell you: everything around you disappears when you practice. As the brain works to find the piece that will fit with the previous one, worries fade away, ruminations disappear, even pains fade away. Restlessness disappears, parasitic thoughts too, the heart rate slows down, a feeling of well-being sets in. Then a neurological response linked to the reward system takes place: as the player progresses through the stages of difficulty, as the target image gradually takes shape, his brain releases dopamine, the so-called "happiness hormone".