Parta'Jeu wishes to purchase equipment that will promote well-being and support the development of cognitive abilities, socialization, and personal development for people living in institutions such as EHPAD.

The magic table, also called Tovertafel, has caught our attention because it is an innovation in non-medicinal therapeutic care, it creates special moments for health professionals and their residents.

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 NB : MJ Innov, distributor of the Tovertafel, will be present in March during the 24H puzzle of La Pommeraye. It will then be possible to try it.

Tovertafel presentation

Tovertafel is a care device for people with cognitive disorders (mild to severe), LAM (Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders), as well as for people with special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Disabilities...).

This digital innovation is equipped with an artificial intelligence, a speaker and infrared sensors that project interactive games on a surface (table, floor, sheet...). The games are specially developed to meet the needs of these profiles and designed in co-design with pilot establishments. A game requires between 9 and 18 months of design.

The benefits of Tovertafel are numerous. They intervene at the cognitive, physical, sensory and social levels.

In a non-medicated therapy approach, Tovertafel stimulates the participants with sounds and lights that capture the players' attention. The projected elements incite movement, even the most apathetic people can easily participate. The results are amazing for people with moderate to severe cognitive disorders.

 Often referred to as the Magic Table by care professionals, the Tovertafel brightens up the daily lives of residents.

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