Become a volunteer

If you are interested in helping us in this experience, we are happy to welcome you as volunteers.

Here are a few explanations on the different positions needed for the smooth running of the event:


The different positions



This corresponds to the setting up of equipment (trellis, tables, chairs, tablecloths, marquees, benches, sofas, bins, displays and signposting) in the various locations, both inside and outside.


Welcoming the teams

Receive the teams, ask for their identity, give each team the necessary documents and direct them to the team leaders.


Accompanying teams

Introduce each team to their table, their space, the different strategic locations and remind them of the main rules of the competition.


Room assistant / Control

Ensure that the teams are well organised and that the rules are respected on each stand, collect the scores from the teams and distribute the puzzles to the controllers.



Make sure that the rules are respected in the corridor, check the correct completion of the puzzle and count the number of pieces assembled, note the time elapsed and ask for the new puzzle to be distributed.


Catering (Food)

Distribute food according to tickets, check stocks and collect goods, alert the manager if necessary and make products if required.


Catering (Drinks)

Dispensing drinks according to tickets, checking stocks and collecting goods, alerting the manager if necessary and making products if required.


Final count

Help count the number of pieces assembled, pass on the teams' scores to the stage table and tell the teams that they can undo the puzzles.


Tidying up

Dismantle and put away displays and signage. Gather tables, benches and chairs. Dismantle the marquee, clean the cooking equipment and the different areas (rubbish), collect the unsold goods.

That's it, we've explained it all to you.

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Each volunteer undertakes to respect the volunteer charter below: